Welcome to our world of fantasy and adventure!

May we never tire of seeking adventure in our lives!

Our vision:

May the children be children! May they play, explore and use their power of fortune. May they immerse themselves in their own fantasy world and discover who they really are.
May the children be children to the fullest!

Our Mission:

Our goal is to create beautiful, meaningful, and fun books for little ones!
We strive to write great stories that are fun, full of imagination, and teach a positive way to deal with feelings.

Our basics:

The childhood the basis of every human being

The family the essential foundation of society

09 preparacion
The nature an essential part of ourselves

Space for news:

Well, this is not news, but at least: our website is back online!

What do our readers say?

A journey to innocence, adventure and love of nature. With gentleness, the author shows us that sometimes we have no choice but to close our eyes and trust.
Imaginative story, excitingly told. The characters in the story show individual characters with whom the little readers can identify. All around successful, highly recommended.
I read this book to my kids within 3 days. They loved the story, they were eagerly waiting to see what the Monsterino kids would do. We loved their adventures.
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